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Senstex AB

About us

Senstex was founded in early 2011 by part-owners Torgny Andersson, who had held different leading positions in the textile group Borås Wäfveri/Krenholm, and Anders Prissberg, founder and co-owner of the Sagaform design group. We were old friends and we’d often said that starting something new together would be both fun and inspiring. At the time, Torgny found himself free and available after Borås Wäfveri/Krenholm had filed for bankruptcy, and Anders had sold Sagaform and was working as a business development consultant. Senstex was born at a time when the market was reeling from rocketing cotton prices and there was no obvious supplier of environmentally friendly textiles. Being only too well aware of the problems connected with cotton production, both of us were convinced that eco-friendly textiles was the way of the future and decided to develop high-quality textiles with excellent functionality produced with respect for the environment and people’s health.

Today, together with our staff we form a skilled team, passionate about working with our suppliers and customers to change the traditional view of textiles and the laundry industry.

How we work

At Senstex, we develop textiles for use in hotels, in healthcare and in the medical sector – that is textiles that are professionally laundered.

Our background and previous experience of product development made us create a joint platform with our suppliers. We don’t really believe in the traditional, clear-cut supplier and customer roles, but favour working closely together to co-create new products as well as an environment which will keep supporting all those involved.

We don’t just see a product or an item – we offer comprehensive solutions that cover all of the production and supplier process. Our ambition is to continuously improve our textiles, and to question traditional practice if we think we can discern a better future alternative. What could be the fibres or fibre combinations of tomorrow’s laundry industry? Is it vital that textiles are produced in the same way tomorrow as today? Can we improve the transport system? We can see many interesting solutions for the future and are already working to get there.


Creating sustainable textiles for the Healthcare and Medical sectors as well as the Hotel and Restaurant sectors.


Senstex should be the laundry industry’s number one choice of comprehensive textile supplier, as well as the most reliable, punctual and product-innovative business partner.